Something no other studio offers

Creative Keys offers a very unique kind of piano lesson – you won’t find it anywhere else in Tucson!  Our innovative lesson structure combines three powerful elements to take piano lessons to a new level of learning and fun!

  • Private lesson time
  • Cutting edge technology lab
  • Weekly collaborative music opportunities – playing music with other musicians every lesson


At Creative Keys, we believe music, for many people, is a social experience.  Flute players play in a band, cellists play in the orchestra, and guitar players jam with their drummer and bass player.  We pianists often don’t have opportunities to play with other musicians.

Creative Keys is unique because we offer weekly ensemble classes for our students.  Your student will thrive on the camaraderie, motivation, and fun they experience in these classes.  We play keyboard ensemble music, improvise, learn theory and music history, and use the digital pianos as a keyboard band complete with a drum section!

We know your schedule is crazy, so all three elements are scheduled in one lesson so you only have to make one trip to the studio each week!

Preparing the Balloon Pop Polka
Preparing the Balloon Pop Polka