From our students and families

As a pianist myself, I was looking for a piano teacher who would provide a well-rounded experience for my children, while making learning fun and engaging.  Mrs. Barney has exceeded my expectations!  Her vast knowledge of music repertoire, variety of teaching methods, and involvement with other music teachers on a national level have made for a wonderful learning environment.  She constantly presents new ideas and methods in her studio.  She encourages improvisation and experimentation, in addition to classical methods. Mrs. Barney provides an amazing musical experience, giving children an appreciation for music, in addition to a love for the piano.

Sarah T.

In the year that my son Charlie has studied piano with Lynnette Barney at Creative Keys, his ability to play and perform has increased dramatically. There is a marked difference in his skills, and not only that but he loves to practice! He is constantly sitting down at the piano whenever he has free time because he wants to improve so much. Lynnette also gives him fun music that he is excited to learn and master, which only inspires him all the more. He loves having her as his teacher.

Ellen B.

Ms. Barney has been my daughter’s piano teacher for over 10 years. She gives my daughter and all her students the important foundation of music and continuously challenges them without overwhelming them. We truly enjoy her upbeat and composed nature. My daughter is now 14 years old and not only chooses to continue lessons but also wishes to intensify her studies. Ms. Barney is a dedicated, caring and talented teacher and I highly recommend her.

Claudia C.

I have 6 children who have spent many an hour with Lynnette at her studio! They have really enjoyed Lynnette’s personality and fun approach to teaching them so many aspects of music… Ear training, piano theory, improvisation, playing in small ensembles… My youngest also got to experience Music Together with which was so much fun and helped prepare her for piano lessons. I can’t say enough great things about Lynnette and Creative Keys!

Hilary P.

Our family has been at Creative Studios going on 3 years now and we have loved our experience! Mrs. Barney is very talented and highly experienced, with a wealth of knowledge in technique and music theory. We love that she gears lessons and song choices to the interests of her students and the goals of the parents. She constantly seeks to improve the music experience of her students as well as keep their interests high with different modalities. My kids have FUN playing and learning with other students during ensemble and it’s a great experience for when they will make music with others in their life. More than just piano lessons, we feel that Creative Studios provides a high quality musical experience that will help our kids in other areas of their life as well as in their musical journey in life.

Jan K.

I started my life-long dream of taking piano lessons almost a year ago at age 51.  Lynnette came highly recommended to me by a friend. Lynnette is smart and talented and knows her stuff and on top of that she takes the time to understand the individual student’s needs.  She has been the perfect teacher for me and I’m amazed at how quickly she had me playing the piano. The material is fun and challenging and so is the teacher.

Cori C.

I decided to try Music Together with my 1 1/2 year old after my fabulous experience with Mrs. Barney’s piano studio.  My now 2-year old is hooked!  It’s her favorite day of the week.  When she first started, she sat in my lap and was shy about playing the instruments and participating. She now loves dancing and singing during class, at home, and even when no one is singing with her.  It has been fun to watch her love of music develop through the Music Together program.

Sarah T.

We love Creative Keys Studio! We switched our kids over from traditional piano lessons earlier this year and are so happy with the experience they are having with Lynnette. She is wonderful and her teaching methods are hands on, interactive and truly effective. She makes learning music fun and teaches in a way that “grabs” the kids attention, my kids love it!

Trisha C.

What is great about Ms. Barney’s studio is she makes learning music FUN! Lessons are never boring at her studio. She makes learning interesting by using different methods including written, electronic, group activities and games among other tools. My children have been exposed to so much musical knowledge in the three years they have been with her beyond just learning how to play the piano. She has provided so many learning opportunities from learning how the organ works from a church organist to master classes with composers and jazz musicians. Performance opportunities include music festivals, recitals at retirement homes and studio recitals. My children have different personalities, musical strengths, and goals. Ms. Barney is able to individualize their lessons so each is able to learn effectively. My daughter was initially very intimidated to improvise at the piano as her previous teacher only taught her how to read and interpret music. Now my daughter is able to improvise and experiment with music in addition to performing at a very high level. With Ms. Barney’s encouragement my son’s natural talent of improvising and composing has blossomed. He has participated and placed in many composition and songwriting competitions in the three years he has been at her studio. She is able to encourage her students to explore music creatively and outside the box. All this along with her effervescent and kind personality makes lessons with Ms. Barney unique. I am grateful we have a music teacher like Ms. Barney in Tucson. My children love her. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning to play the piano and understand music its many forms.

Jeannie C.

I have been taking lessons for around three years now. I love being able to have group lessons and learn duets as a group. It is so much fun! Learning music theory has also been extremely helpful for piano, as well as in my band class in school. Also, practicing incentives, such as “did you practice more than the teacher”, really motivate me to practice and improve my piano playing.

Elaine (16)