The Elephant Jar

On April 17th, we added our last pennies to our elephant jar.  We’ve been putting one penny in the jar for each measure that students pass off this quarter.  Our goal was to earn at least $50 to donate to an elephant shelter in Africa.  Why elephants?  Because the keys on old pianos were made of ivory, from the tusks of elephants.  Take a look at the keyboard of the Chickering grand piano in the studio – it is 80 years old and has ivory keys.

The grand total in our penny jar is $67.38, including the pennies earned and some kind donations from students.  We look forward to the pictures and information the shelter will share with us about the elephant we are helping.  Thanks to everyone for the hard work you did to learn the measures that turned into pennies in our jar.

Congratulations to Bryant, Kade, and Rachel.  Each of them passed off over 600 measures during between January and the middle of April.  And congratulations to Brooke, Cailey, Isaac, Joshua, and Alesha, who passed off over 400 measures.  Great job – you guys really worked hard!