The Diamond Jubilee Ensemble Concert!

What a great night!  We celebrated 60 years of Piano Ensemble performances.  Our special guest composer was Robert Vandall, who conducted Katie, Noah and twenty-two other students in the premier performance of his piece, the “Tucson Toccata”.

Creative Keys is proud that 24 of our students performed in the Ensemble concert this year, and several other new students attended to see what it was all about.  Four of these students went the extra mile and performed in two pieces.  This is fantastic because it helps fill pianos that otherwise would be empty, but it requires double the work and sometimes two trips to the U of A for rehearsals each weekend.

Thanks to parents who drove their performers to rehearsals and provided encouragement and help at home. We couldn’t do this without your support!

While our students are putting away their ragged rehearsal copies, the TMTA Ensemble committee has already begun the process of planning next year’s concert.  See you there!